Refrigerated Transport

Cold Storage

Stylin’ Moves Transportation can handle all your refrigerated transport, storage and distribution needs all over Perth and Western Australia.

Equipped with the latest in refrigerated transporting systems, we’re capable of conducting deliveries of any size.

We are Perth’s best cold storage transportation company. We ensure your service is of high standards with reliable end-to-end communication and a committment to reliability and efficiency. 

Refrigerated Transport Square
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Controlled Transport

Cold Logistics

We are specialists in partnering with businesses that require a critical refrigerated service where product quality cannot be compromised along the cold chain.

  • Controlled Environment Transport (temperature-controlled – suitable for confectionery, film and medical supplies.)
  • Refrigerated Transport (chilled products such as dairy products, seafood and meat.)
  • Frozen Transport (frozen products including fish and ice-cream.)
We ensuring your delivery and cold storage transportation is on time and within temperature.