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    Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be stressful — make the transition easier by learning how to quickly and effectively declutter before moving. Our Perth-based moving team has assisted hundreds of households with their move. Too often we find ourselves moving old and unusable items, therefore we are keen to share our best tips on decluttering before relocating. This guide will provide tips on recognizing valuable items from unimportant knick-knacks that may take up extra space in your move!

    Importance of Getting Rid of Stuff Before Moving

    Decluttering offers several advantages — simplified packing and unpacking processes, more room in your destination space for what matters most, and significantly less stress when settling in.

    Getting rid of stuff before moving can save you time and energy. In addition, reducing the number of things to pack, transport, unload, and organise will make your move more manageable. Remove the piano, mattress, ottomans and old heavy furniture that you do not use anymore.

    Decluttering before a move is an easy way to save money! With fewer items, you’ll need fewer boxes and packing supplies. Furthermore, suppose you’re hiring movers for the job. In that case, your moving expenses will be significantly reduced when there’s much less to relocate. 

    By downsizing, you’ll make moving to your new home a breeze! In addition, with fewer items to unpack and organise, you will do unpacking faster with less stress.

    Transform your home into a haven that reflects your love, need, and use. Don’t be burdened by clutter or heavy and bulky items with no purpose. Instead, create the beautiful space of your dreams.

    Throughout the decluttering move process, remember to ask yourself: “Do I need this item? Have I used it within the last six months?”

    Declutter Checklist For Moving: A Room By Room Guide

    Create a streamlined declutter checklist for moving and make travel decisions easy — follow our suggested checklist below to determine what items you should pack and which ones you can stay behind.

    Decluttering Before a Move - Living Room Decluttering Checklist

    Things To Purge Before Moving From Your Living Room

    1. Furniture – Don’t keep furniture that won’t fit in your new home, is beyond repair, or is too expensive to move — just let it go and donate the furniture to charity provided it’s still intact. It will make your local furniture move a whole lot easier!
    1. DVDs or CDs – Keep up with the times and ditch your DVD player. Instead, take advantage of digital streaming services that have been around for over ten years. Let go of outdated technology like CDs or DVDs that aren’t used anymore.
    1. Picture Frames – Free your home of extraneous frames that don’t hold special memories. 
    1. Televisions – Make the switch to a newer, sleeker version of your favourite TV — you won’t regret it. With modern technology and design advances, these TVs take up far less space than their bulky predecessors.
    1. Appliances – If you dread moving large appliances like your fridge, why not start planning and make life a little easier? Moving a washing machine, a dishwasher, fridge or air conditioning unit only adds a lot of unnecessary complexity. Now’s an ideal opportunity to upgrade those bulky items and prepare for moving day in advance. 
    1. Mats or Rugs – Will you spruce up your new home? Don’t let an outdated rug dictate the finishing touches. Instead, change your style into something unique, and leave that old rug in your old home.
    1. Wall Decors – Transform the atmosphere of your living room with pieces that represent you and inspire fresh ideas. Instead of moving wall art, get rid of outdated artworks to give yourself a clean slate for creating an aesthetically pleasing new space.
    1. Magazines and Books – It’s time to put the past issues of your favourite magazines and books behind you. Packing books for moving adds a lot of weight and takes up unnecessary space in the moving truck. Instead, make way for some new reading material by recycling any older materials that don’t have a special place in your heart.

    Things To Purge Before Moving From Your Bathroom

    1. Raggedy Towels – donate or recycle any towels that are no longer usable. Especially if it’s been with you since the beginning of time, it may have accumulated lots of dust and bacteria. Leave that and get a new one!
    1. Expired Medication – medicines should never be thrown into the trash or flushed down the toilet. Make sure to dispose of them properly by returning them to your pharmacist.
    1. Shampoo and Conditioner – get rid of empty bottles, half-used products, and expired items.
    1. Bottles of Lotion and Other Cosmetic Products – like shampoo and Conditioner, get rid of empty bottles and expired items. Aside from it being hazardous, it can also take up too much space.
    1. Makeup – expired makeup should be thrown away due to safety reasons. Also, throw out old mascara, broken eyeshadow palettes, crusty lipsticks, and foundations.
    1. Cleaning Supplies – throw away expired or half-used cleaning supplies, as they can be hazardous. If you need help remembering the last time you bought your cleaning supplies, it’s best to replace them with new ones. Disposing of cleaning supplies is an important item and should definitely be listed on your end of lease cleaning checklist.

    Things To Purge Before Moving From Your Closet

    1. Old Clothes – Sort through your clothing with a label! Set aside the clothes you want to keep and create piles for those needing repair or donation. Label the pile intended for donation with its unique bag while keeping the other items on dressers or chairs.
    1. Shoes – Toss out any shoes with holes or excessive wear on the soles, and donate those you last wore over 12 months ago. Hold onto true favourites. If they’re still bringing joy after all these years, keep them!
    1. Extra Jewellery – Showcase your jewellery as a work of art! Instead of keeping necklaces and rings tucked away in the closet, place them on an eye-catching tree or beautiful dish to create a stunning display. This method is much safer than storing trinkets on crowded shelves.
    1. Old Blankets – donate any blankets, throws, comforters, and pillows that are no longer in use and take up too much space.
    1. Bedsheets – Make room for your new bed with a fresh start — if you’re trading up to king-size, it’s time to say goodbye and replace any queen sheets in the linen closet.
    1. Damaged or cheap toys – Help make a child smile by donating gently loved toys your little one no longer enjoys or needs. Spread joy and donate those in good condition that are gathering dust.
    1. Excess hangers – If you find yourself struggling to fit all your clothing into a crowded closet, try folding them instead of relying on hangers. Pairing down any excess dry cleaner’s wire hangers can help make room for folded clothes and provide peace of mind that everything will remain safely in place.

    How To Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use When Moving?

    Once you’ve decluttered, there are various ways to eliminate the items you no longer want. Start by seeing if family members or friends can use the things you declutter before a move. You can also host a garage sale, donate items to local charities and thrift stores, or post gently used furniture and home decor online.

    Overall, decluttering to move makes everything more convenient and efficient, so create your own declutter checklist for moving today. Making time to purge before relocating will help you seamlessly transition into your new home.

    Seek Reliable Help When Decluttering For a Move

    When relocating, it’s essential to have support. If you need assistance with decluttering for a move, seek the help of experienced professionals. 

    Stylin’ Moves can provide packing and unpacking services and transportation for your belongings from one place to another. We make your relocation more organised and stress-free!

    If you need help decluttering for a move, reach out today to our Perth moving professionals. We’ll be able to give you reliable tips on how to declutter and make your transition seamless. Happy Moving!

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