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No hidden fees or charges. We'll even refund you if we save time on your move.


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Perth Removalist

Stylin' Moves

Stylin’ Moves is an established Western Australia removalist company.

We are a specialist furniture mover, making single and small load furniture transit affordable. Stylin’ Moves have an extensive history as industry leaders for both family-run and international transport and logistics companies. We are located in Perth, Western Australia and we provide logistics to both residential homes and corporate businesses. From small house moves and single item delivery to large office removals and relocation. We are perth’s most affordable removalist and provide one of the cheapest and most competitive professional removalist services.

One thing we have and can guarantee above all others in the industry is our work ethic and honesty. We never drag heel in an attempt to extract more money from our clients, in fact very much the opposite. We pride ourselves on completing jobs without incident whilst having a laugh while doing so. 

Where we save on time, you save on money, we’ll also refund you on any unspent time during the entire process. Contact us and arrange a booking with Perth’s Best Removalists!